How To Eat Clean and Lose Weight

Healthy Food for Older People

A healthy body needs healthy food and will lose weight much quicker than a body with problems associated with what we eat and drink. Things like fatty liver, insulin resistance, lepton resistance, low testosterone and thyroid problems can make it nearly impossible to lose weight. The three main fat storing hormones Insulin, estrogens and cortisol need to be low before any fat can be lost.

According to Dr Berg (2008) there are four basic body types. Take his online quiz Here.

You have to be healthy before you can lose weight and your body shape gives a clue to the problems you need to address. Hormones are the controlling factor; for example 80% of thyroid hormone creation takes place in the  liver (Berg. 2008). Excess fat is a symptom of an unhealthy body, not the cause. Your glands (Liver, Adrenals, Thyroid) create the hormones, so they need to be healthy before weight is lost. Adrenal body types need to get their cortisol under control i.e. (Sleep better. reduce stress, caffeine, no synthetic vitamin C, no steroids). Slow Aerobic exercise is best, not intense exercise. Ovary body types have excess estrogen caused by environmental factors such as pesticides etc. Thyroid body types crave processed carbohydrates which will stop fat loss. Ovary problems and associated excess estrogen can cause a decrease in thyroid function, therefore its wise to reduce exposure to environmental toxins. Toxins can also cause excess thyroid hormone associated with poor liver function which can in turn affect the adrenals. It’s a vicious circle. If you get rid of most of the toxins that you are putting in your body through eating well (lots of organic vegetables 7 cups per day to heal the liver, no cruciferous vegetables for thyroid body types) and changing your make up, lotions and bathroom products as well as using stainless steel bottles with good water, you will be well on your way to better health. If you can’t get organic vegetables you can clean them in vinegar and water solution. A carbon filter can help get rid of BPA and chlorine or fluoride in drinking water. A filter on your shower head might also be a good idea, so that you don’t absorb chemicals through your skin. Tests are being done on a male contraceptive using chemicals found in tap water.

Also limit/quit alcohol and smoking while keeping Insulin, estrogens and cortisol low.

Again, avoid Wi-Fi from wireless routers. They give off electromagnetic radiation in the low gigahertz frequency which is considered potentially dangerous to humans, your testosterone and can possibly cause cancer.

How do you turn off the Wi-Fi on your router you ask?

Find out your routers default IP address by putting the model into Google. Put the IP address in your browser and this should get you access to your router. Go to wireless – configure.

Next un-tick interface enabled and apply. You should no longer have Wi-Fi but can connect to the back of your modem router with a Lan cable to access internet without using Wi Fi. You can turn it back on anytime using the same method. See the chapter on testosterone about using a cactus and Himalayan salt lamp to reduce radiation EMR from the monitors or tv.

Once you have a healthy liver and other glands you will need a complete absence of sugar, refined and starchy carbohydrates (avoid sugar, sweeteners, sweet fruits, grains and starches) as well as reduced exposure to estrogens combined with lack of stress (avoid coffee) and good sleep to burn fat.



You can lose weight without exercise, simply by limiting your calories to less than what your maintenance calories are to stay the same weight, but you need to be healthy or it will not work. This formula will be discussed later. However exercise helps to burn more calories, normalise cholesterol, expand your arteries (Cabot and Jasinska, 2005) triggers fat burning hormones and can give you more leeway on how much you can eat. It also helps you tone up as the weight drops off. If you exercise you burn more fat.

I used an app to track my calories and another app to do my workouts. I rotated three hard weight work outs, switching work outs every week which were followed by cardio as part of the apps routine.

Although work outs of more than an hour can put stress on your body, producing cortisol, the fight or flight hormone, sometimes my workouts, weights with the cardio, lasted an hour and a half. This did not seem to affect my weight loss, even though prolonged exercise  promotes the stress hormone cortisol. I also gained muscle, even though cortisol can hold on to fat as a preservation mechanism. However now. I do not exercise for longer than 45 minutes. To tell if you have gained muscle, use specific measurements of chest, shoulders, biceps etc, not weight, because weight gain can be due to water and fat rather than muscle.

I  ate fewer processed foods and ate more healthy food that had only one ingredient. This coupled with a lot of other things, started me on the path to losing weight, because as you know, I was a middle aged man of forty eight with a drinking problem and flagging testosterone.

For an older man my hormones needed attention in order to make it easier to lose weight and gain muscle. Women also need to pay attention to their hormones to lose weight as they are the driver for weight loss.

You will need to taper up, with your calorie intake as you get fitter and thinner, otherwise your metabolism will slow to a crawl and for men your testosterone will plummet.

Have you ever heard statements like, the more muscle you have, the faster your metabolism, so you burn more fat? or your muscles will eat your fat? Well, that’s sales talk for gym memberships. One pound of additional muscle only burns about 5 calories per day.

Do you need a personal trainer? If it helps with motivation, yes but make sure they are older and experienced and know how to lose fat. Not some young person who has never been fat in their life? Or even if they have, they were young when they lost the fat and found it a lot easier.

By all means join a gym. It helps with the motivation. If you pay money you might feel more obligated to go.

Get an app on your smart phone to help give you a good workout or download a free program and print it out. If you don’t follow a program your success in building muscle will be limited. You just need a bit of muscle to look better when you lose the weight.

My favourite free cell phone workout app is Jefit which has quite a few workouts. My favourite work outs for weekly rotation are: Spring into Summer, Getting Ripped and Train like a Warrior. They are hard and you will be exhausted when you finish. Another one that I like to do occasionally is Building your Spartan Body.

If you do join a gym, you could take every class you can, up to 4 per day to get your money’s worth. But don’t get injured, pace yourself until you get lighter and  fitter, all that pounding can take a toll on your joints, also all that cardio will take a toll on your testosterone and other hormones. Different body types like adrenal (light aerobic), thyroid/thyroid (Interval, high intensity anaerobic) and ovary (combination high and low intensity) require different exercise (Berg, 2008). Mix it up with some weight work outs. The good thing about this is you will burn about 300 to 600 calories per class. That’s 1200 to 2400 calories per day, and if you are sticking to the calorie apps guidelines you will be in calorie deficit on some days and lose weight very quickly.

Exercise (especially weight work outs) help your body become more sensitive to insulin. The more weight you lose and the more you work out, the more insulin sensitive you become and it can easily spike, so be careful what you eat.

This means that your body wants to keep the fat as a survival mechanism. That is why you should only eat carbohydrates after a weight work out to increase muscle.

That said, I would only do that every second day. Say put a brown spotted banana into your after workout protein shake with the organic mixed berries, because it only takes a little bit of carbohydrate or sugar to stop fat burning in its tracks, and you want to burn fat for as long as possible. Also by using a little extra carbohydrate every second day you will be cycling your carbohydrates which is another technique for weight loss. The BCAA (Branched-Chain Amino Acid) that you took before and after the workout will help protect your muscle until the protein from the steak or whatever kicks in.


Healthy Food – Protein and Vegetables

Protein (steak), seafood, eggs and vegetables take a lot more energy to process and have a high thermal effect. For example protein has about a 30% thermal effect which means  for every 100 calories you are only left with about 70 calories after your body processes and digests it. similarly for vegetables, the thermal effect is about 20% as opposed to simple carbohydrates and fat which is about 3%. So, you see if you eat mostly steak, fish and vegetables and you do some exercise, you will lose weight quicker because you will feel less hungry and satisfied for longer and you will take in less calories, without even taking the thermal effect into account. For example you eat a steak instead of a block of chocolate, the steak has about 150 to 200 calories, whereas the block of chocolate has about 2000 calories. By the way, your protein shake will have way less of a thermal affect than a steak. That’s why you should only drink a protein shake after doing your weight program. More vegetables will help your liver.


Healthy Food


Soft Drinks or Soda Pop

Well, you probably know that you should not be drinking soft drinks or soda pop. The sugar content is very high and your insulin will spike.

Diet soft drinks or soda pop is even worse. The artificial sweeteners like aspartame, saccharin, and surculose confuse the body which is expecting something sweet triggering insulin and everything you eat is stored as fat because of the high insulin levels.

What’s that? you need something fizzy to drink. I’m hearing you brother and sister!

Here is what you do. Go and buy a soda stream which pumps gas into the pure water that you have bought or carbon filtered. I found that the bubbles are what you crave the most, not the caffeine or the sugar especially on a hot day. That feeling of the bubbles going down your throat is just as good as a coke and no, there are no side effects, and best of all no calories.


Well I know it’s hard if you are an alcoholic. You go two or three days without or even a week or two, then you get the craving for a binge. Take control of your mind.

It’s really bad for you and you should stay off it altogether. It will reduce your testosterone and you will go backwards in your quest for weight loss every time you drink.

If you lose control and binge. You need to try to de-tox your liver. Some things that you might take to help with this are milk thistle which supports the liver and has an antioxidant, combine that with Turmeric, vitamin C, E and organic coffee. You can also use pure Taurine which is an antioxidant. Alternatively take livertone which has some of these ingredients, Cabot and Eanelli (2010).


Milk is ok unless you are lactose intolerant. However it is the  biggest dietary source of estrogens, so should be used in moderation or not at all. An alternative for calcium is bone broth Some of the benefits of milk are lost in the process of Pasteurising, but it is law to pasteurise milk so there is not much you can do about it. Buy non-homogenised full cream organic milk.


Water should be BPA free and not in a plastic container. Filtering with a carbon filter is preferable if the water is not clean spring water. Spring water contains a lot of trace elements which can be good for you and should be free of chlorine and fluoride as the chlorination of water which reacts with other pollutants is associated with increased risk of cancer. Fluoride is almost as toxic as arsenic and could cause cancer.

Healthy Food Recipe’s

Burmese Curry

The following is a recipe for de-toxing after binge drinking, make sure the alcohol is out of your system first: You will need a mortar and pestle:


Onion,  5 Garlic cloves, Ginger root, turmeric root or powder, 2 – 5 Chilli, 5 Tomato’s.

Beef or lamb. Seafood, chicken or pork has Polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) high omega 6 in chicken or pork and high omega 3 in seafood can possibly be toxic when mixed with the fructose in the tomatoes (Jaminet and Jaminet, 2013), or any fruit, but this may be unnecessarily overcautious. Tomatoes are a fruit and traditionally fruit is not eaten with meat. There may be a good reason for that.



Pre cook the beef or lamb or put seafood in at the end.

Fry the chopped onion, crushed garlic, crushed ginger, chopped chilly, and crushed turmeric root (If you’re not using powder).

Add the chopped tomatoes and cover until soft. When soft mash the tomatoes with the other ingredients. Add turmeric powder if necessary.

Add the beef or lamb.

Protein Shake

400 ml Organic Milk or Pure Water (No BPA)

30 – 40 g Pure Whey Protein Isolate of (WPI) with no additives.

2 – 3 teaspoons of Organic Raw Cacao

1 cup Organic mixed Berries (Frozen)

Blend with a powerful blender like the Ninja.



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